Alix Rufas

I’ve worked on Alix Rufas’s brand before.
Funny enough, this brand identity is a complete 180 compared to what we’ve done with her brand now.

At the time she wanted to visibly present her brand as a high-energy, atheletic, GO-GO-GO type of brand, which is exactly what we did at the time.

We created a bold black and yellow brand, bold letters, which worked for her perfectly, at the time.


Businesses change, and with that, target groups change. After 2 years of working with the bold brand, Alix reached out to me, mentioning her brand was shifting into a direction where she’s more aligned with high-end clients, mostly women. She wanted to change the experience for her clients to a luxurious enlighting experience with the new tagline:

‘Turning magic into gold.’


I created a new brand identity with light earthy tones as a base and a soft gold colour to go with. The typography is selected in a way where it emphasizes on the high-end aspect as well as the magical aspect of her brand. Based on the typography, I created a logotype design and one monogram design, which is a new addition to the brand. The circles also embody the infinity mark, to vizualize infinite possibilities, when working with Alix. With the brand, I created a simple starry-glitter pattern to bring more of the gold/magic into her brand in a high-end manner.

Bossa Nova Coffee

Dutch based Illustrator Karmijn Simons made this illustration for the Brazilian coffee brand Bossa Nova, where the packaging reflecting the origin of the coffee.
The illustration with the bright colors represents the day in the Brazilian jungle and the illustration with the dark shades represents the night, both full of life.



The idea was to create a sushi logo that would imply the basics of the dish, but with such style that it would the artform from the kitchen that it truly is. But more important, the objective I set for myself was to create an icon that is widely recognizable and stands out among the others in the sushi branch of cooking and restaurants.


I created a logo with a parted fish, specifically three parts of a Japanese tuna which makes up several dishes; akami, chutoro and otoro. The colours I chose with black being the formal colour. The red is derived from the Japanese flag. This lovely contrast is easy on the eyes but also easy to recognize, together with the three-parted fish.


A huge problem in the current sports news coverage is the underrepresentation of women in the industry.
The goal of TOGETHXR is not only to create a community for sportswomen, fans and others,
but to put achievements in the spotlight that have for long been ignored.
Therefor the logo is meant to represent a strong and bold community, coming together.


Golden Hour Pictures


Florentina wanted to take her brand Golden Hour Pictures to a new level to match with high-end clients to match her style and quality of photography.


To reach this goal, I created a custom designed logotype and complimentary monogram. The contrast between used type design and colours give the brand the luxurious feel I was going for. The selected Pantone colours root back to the tones most present in her photography.