Brand Identity, Illustration and Animation

Kaloud is revolutionizing the hookah industry, merging age-old traditions with cutting-edge design to create a truly luxurious experience. Our collaboration with Kaloud aimed to elevate their brand identity, encapsulating their ethos of quality, innovation, and elegance.

Year: 2021
Client: Alix Rufas

I’ve worked on Alix Rufas’s brand before.
Funny enough, this brand identity is a complete 180 compared to what we’ve done with her brand now.

At the time she wanted to visibly present her brand as a high-energy, atheletic, GO-GO-GO type of brand, which is exactly what we did at the time.

We created a bold black and yellow brand, bold letters, which worked for her perfectly, at the time.


Businesses change, and with that, target groups change. After 2 years of working with the bold brand, Alix reached out to me, mentioning her brand was shifting into a direction where she’s more aligned with high-end clients, mostly women. She wanted to change the experience for her clients to a luxurious enlighting experience with the new tagline:

‘Turning magic into gold.’


I created a new brand identity with light earthy tones as a base and a soft gold colour to go with. The typography is selected in a way where it emphasizes on the high-end aspect as well as the magical aspect of her brand. Based on the typography, I created a logotype design and one monogram design, which is a new addition to the brand. The circles also embody the infinity mark, to vizualize infinite possibilities, when working with Alix. With the brand, I created a simple starry-glitter pattern to bring more of the gold/magic into her brand in a high-end manner.

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